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Tech Support Arizona, Empowering Connections and Simplifying Tech for All Ages.

We believe in usage of tech to better the lives of our seniors in Arizona. Giving them the independence, support, and tools to live fuller lives.

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About us

Our journey to support the Older Generation with tech in Arizona

At Tech Support AZ, our goal is to support older adults by providing them with the right tools to better connect with their family and friends. With a strong commitment to enhancing the quality of life, our team have successfully serviced over 45 senior communities across the greater Phoenix area. Equipped with years of experience in security and technology, we are dedicated to empowering seniors to navigate the digital world with patience and ease.

It is so wonderful to have a computer company who really knows what electronics is all about. Thank you so much!!!

Dean and Rose

Services Options
Helping Senior with Technical Support


Supporting older adults with comprehensive tech education for confident and independent digital engagement.

Tech Support AZ Troubleshooting


Efficient and reliable troubleshooting solutions to resolve tech issues and ensure seamless connectivity.

Parents Receiving tech support in Arizona


Tailored product recommendation to facilitate effortless communication and meaningful connections with loved ones.

Session Plans

Rec-It Tech Support Session

- Complimentary 10-minute hotline for any technical issues
- Expert advice and guidance to alleviate concerns and help make more informed decisions
- Easy access to professional insights to ensure you find the perfect solution

Learn-It Tech Support Session

- Swift and efficient troubleshooting solutions in the comfort of your home
- Professional technicians available to address any tech-related issues
- Hassle-free scheduling process to book a convenient date for our technician to resolve your challenges

Fix-It Tech Support Session

- Tailored educational session on your chosen tech topics
- Personalized 30-minute content delivery to equip you with the knowledge to use various technology
- Detailed follow-up notes to support your continued learning and application

Call (480)-999-0455

Why us

Arizona's Caring Tech Support

We are dedicated to simplifying technology for older adults in Arizona, offering personalized support, guidance, and a commitment for fostering meaningful connection with loved ones.


We prioritize understanding and compassion, ensuring that our services are delivered with care and consideration.


Our commitment to providing dependable and trustworthy support remains unwavering.


We strive to make technology accessible to all, ensuring that our services are talked to meet your comfort level.


We are dedicated to empowering seniors to focus on strengthen their connections with family and friends.

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Education & Troubling shooting

Solving tech issues and providing additional supporting content that older adults in Arizona care about

Digital Security

Slow Computers

Email Management

Managing Online Banking

Password Management

Data Backup and Storage

Meet Our Techs

Tech Support arizona Huy Huynh
Huy Huynh

Lead Technician

Tech Support Arizona Jordan Fourcher
Jordan Fourcher

Founder and Technician

Tech Support Arizona Cameron Lloyd
Cameron Lloyd


More than just tech support

It's about having more time for family and friends